Partner Dispatch Program

Dispatch Partner Program

The role of a truck dispatch service is essentially to manage freight on behalf of owner-operators or carriers. A dispatcher’s job involves locating loads, connecting with brokers, conducting negotiations, and eventually dispatching drivers and setting up their routes. We do all of this and more. Here at Vistar ensuring that your business is compliant is our duty.

What do we Offer?


Experienced in load boards and rate negotiations, our dedicated dispatchers will work with you to find loads based on your required rate, availability and equipment. Our relationship with our clients is that of a administrative agent acting as liaison between carrier and freight brokers. Our aim is to offer you loads that fit your requirements. We will learn your routes and try to assign them based on your needs and schedule.


We provide a wide range of support for carriers and busy drivers on the road. We can help with all compliance and ensuring your wheels keep spinning. Providing services such as (Fuel Tax, State Permits, Canada & US Custom Bonds) through our business partners.

What to Expect?

  • Proven Track Record – We are very passionate about the service we provide, helping our clients provide the best service to their customers is our main goal.
  • 24/7 Support – Our support team is always ready to assist drivers communicate any relevant information to Shippers, Receivers or Customers.
  • Experienced Staff – Industry trained professional are available to help you stive and bring your business to the next level
  • Teamwork – Our clients’ success is our success, we strive to create a trust based business relation in which we can all depend on each other.

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